Thursday, January 7, 2010

Will shampoo and soap hurt pet ducks?

When the weather gets warm, my son comes home from his workout, and uses the outdoor shower. Our ducks love it! They come right into the water with him. He doesn't seem to mind and is done quickly. Then the ducks splash arround on the wet drain stones for a few minutes. But, I'm worried that the ducks will drink some suds and get sick. My son thinks the biggest problem we might have is very clean ducks. Anyone have the amswer?Will shampoo and soap hurt pet ducks?
It appears your son is correct.

';Once stable, oiled birds go through a series of tub washes alternating between baths with a one percent solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid and clean water. The wash time varies depending on the amount of oil, and the size of the bird, but on average it takes two people 45 minutes and 300 gallons of water to do a thorough washing.

After being washed, the birds are put in net bottom cages with warm air dryers. The final steps are to put them in warm water pools, where they continue to preen, and finally into cold pools. Birds in rehabilitation are checked constantly to make sure that they are completely waterproofed and when their blood work and weight are in the normal range, they are banded and released.

We thank Procter and Gamble for the countless donations of Dawn dishwashing liquid that they have contributed over the years.';Will shampoo and soap hurt pet ducks?
Soap and water will not hurt your pet duck. If you use the right kind of soap and water then you will be okay.
well, if the swallow some they shouldn't get too sick, maybe just belly aches. If your going towash them, use babay shampoo or even better, Duck or Bird feather cleaner. Something that won't strip the natural oil from their feathers. Hope hat helps.
aw you have pet ducks i love ducks! I don't know what soaps/shampoos would harm them but good luck with finding out
aw you have pet ducks i love ducks! i also like bananas! i dont know actually!! Good luck in finding though!!

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